Letter: Phony tax plan won’t stimulate the economy

To The Editor, Phony Tax Plan Won’t Stimulate the Economy Despite the insistence of Senator Pat Toomey, the tax overhaul before Congress will NOT stimulate the economy.  Here’s why:

Letter: Trump message – it’s OK to be a bully

To the Editor, As this election season mercifully winds up, it was interesting to hear Melania Trump speak Nov. 3 in Berwyn.  Part of her message was about empowering children and women, and working to prevent put downs and bullying-an admirable goal.  The irony is that her husband is a textbook case of acting like a bully.  His overreaction to any criticism brings out the worst in him, and...

Letter: Republicans, you own this

To The Editor, Donald Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton faced off their final debate, and once again Mr. Trump found new ways to embarrass the Republican Party – and those in the Chester County Republican Committee and their candidates who have continued to endorse him.  

Letter: New funding needed for Growing Greener

To the Editor:  Pennsylvania’s Growing Greener program has a proud history of success in protecting our water, conserving our natural lands, preserving our family farms and providing outdoor recreation.  However, much work still needs to be done in order to ensure future generations have access to clean water, locally-grown food and public parks, trails and recreational opportunities. 

Letter: Aug. 31 is International Overdose Awareness Day

To The Editor: Drug overdose is a leading cause of accidental deaths in Pennsylvania. The rate of overdose deaths in the state has increased by 14% in recent years and is significantly higher than the national average. Government alone cannot fix what is wrong in society, but it does have an important role to play. The government can coordinate and connect systems so that there is less redundancy,...

Letter: Chester County needs new leadership

To The Editor, When we move forward together, we move forward farther. It is often the case that elected officials like to talk about how great they are more than they like to talk about how great the people they serve are. That is fundamentally un-productive because it means that they’re focused on their own accomplishments instead of the community’s accomplishments. A “we” attitude is always...

Letter: Our community supports correctional officers

To The Editor, I would like the Chester County Correctional Officers to know that our community thanks them and stands with them, and I would like to thank Chris O’Donnell from Teamsters Local 384 for bringing to everyone’s attention the ways in which Chester County’s correctional officers and taxpayers are being unfairly treated. As an attorney who frequently visits Chester County Prison, I...