For GOP candidates the question is: To Trump or not to Trump?

By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times With summer bearing down on us (finally!), it seemed like a good idea to take one quick snap shot of the local political scene before moving into our summer hiatus (and yes, we already skipped an edition of Politics as Unusual (PAU), sensing something of a politics overload for you, the reader). As this could well be the final edition of PAU until — gasp — August,...

Letter From The Editor: Tough times in the media world

Dear Readers, I probably don’t have to tell you what a challenging time it is for us in the small-time, local media. The old advertising model is broken, a new one hasn’t really replaced it and readers like you increasingly don’t want to have to pay for content. It’s that vise that has seen our readership hold steady, yet revenue decline for three straight years.

Op/Ed: Time for legislative candidates to take the ‘No Nonsense’ pledge

By Susan Rzucidlo, Special to The Times Susan Rzucidlo Ethics in politics. It’s not an oxymoron or at least, it shouldn’t be. However, given Pennsylvania’s long and recent history of corruption scandals among members of both parties, well, sometimes I wonder. Will they ever learn? Will we – the voters – ever learn? All too often, it seems like integrity is the exception to the norm in Harrisburg....

Will 2018 be the year of woman in Chester County politics?

By Nathaniel Smith, Columnist, The Times In the Chester County Democratic primary election, the winners for U.S. Senator and Governor were (unopposed) men, but women for US House PA-06 (also unopposed) and Lt. Governor (Kathi Cozzone carried Chesco but not PA), so that’s half men and half women Dem winners in Chesco. For PA Senate and House, 3 men and 8 women won Democratic races in districts that...

Endorsement: Cozzone for Democratic nominee for Lt. Gov.

Kathi Cozzone The race for Lt. Governor, a post some might suggest is unneeded (we note that neighboring New Jersey added the post after a couple of governors were forced to leave office early and the transition from senate president to the governor’s mansion didn’t go as well as hoped), has been busy and seen candidates come and go in the Democratic primary race. The one constant has been Chester...

Endorsement: Ellsworth for GOP Gov. nomination

Laura Ellsworth This year’s Republican primary for Governor has been an unprecedented mess, one that is bad for the commonwealth and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. Candidates Paul Mango and Scott Wagner have waged a scorched-Earth battle — essentially handing Democratic incumbent Tom Wolf more than enough material to rout either — in a deeply personal and juvenile campaign for governor.

Letter: Hopes State House backs Killion’s SB501 law to save lives from abusers

To The Editor, I would like to thank the Pennsylvania House of Representative’s Judiciary Committee for its recent six days of hearings on gun laws and gun violence prevention. I had the opportunity to attend three of these hearings, and I learned a lot. I would also like to thank the Pennsylvania Senate for unanimously passing Senator Killion’s bill, SB501. This bill closes loopholes within our...

NOPE assembly misses the mark

By Janet McGann, Special to The Times Last Monday, Unionville High School had a Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education assembly regarding the deaths caused by overdosing on drugs — part of an ongoing program of such assemblies held around the county. Unfortunately, while the intentions of the assembly were good, the information and tactics used were ineffective on the student body.

Don’t blame Trump for all of this chaos

By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times I remember taking my mother to the hospital in December of 1992. X-rays showed a mass in her lung. By June, 1993, she was gone. We blamed the cancer. But in truth, it was all those years of smoking Pall Mall Gold 100s — as a kid, she used send me down to the local deli to pick up a couple of packs, which she smoked every day until about five years before she died,...

Letter: Better laws could have preventing shootings

To The Editor, The gun control debate has been torturing the US for months now. The shootings at the Waffle House and Parkland could have been prevented by better laws and restrictions on guns. The Bump Stock should just be plain outlawed and ARs should have heavy restrictions.