Obituaries policy

As June 1, 2017, The Times is instituting a $50 charge for all obituaries.

Although we attempted to provide this service for free to our community, due to the lack of advertising support from local funeral homes and the too often need to revise already published obituaries (at times, more than once) it became a resource drag on what is already a small, overworked staff. This remains a much smaller charge than that imposed by other publications.

Payment must come through an established funeral home, and we are willing to bill monthly for those homes that establish accounts with us. For those out of town or not working through a funeral home, you may contact at us at to make arrangements.

On paid obituaries, we will not edit or revise copy — content is the responsibility of the submittor. A single picture of the deceased can be published, in either JPEG or PNG format, with a maximum dimension of 1000px (tall or wide).

We reserve the right to run newsworthy obituaries as news stories without submission or prior approval.

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