Second administrator exits Coatesville schools

Athletic director joins superintendent on list of sudden departures

By Kathleen Brady Shea, Managing Editor, The Times

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe turmoil continues: Less than a week after the abrupt retirement of the Coatesville Area School District (CASD) superintendent, the district’s high school athletic director has resigned, a school administrator said Tuesday.

James Donato, a former football coach at Kennett High School who became Coatesville’s athletic director in 2010, is no longer employed by the district, said Brian Chenger, principal of the 9-10 Center. Chenger said he did not know when Donato tendered his resignation. School employees said the athletic director had not been seen the first week of school, and he did not attend Saturday’s high school football game in York.

A representative of the district’s Human Resources department said that information about a resignation could only be released by the acting superintendent, who did not return phone or email inquiries. Board President J. Neil Campbell also did not respond to an email requesting comment.

Asked whether the District Attorney’s Office played any role in the sudden departure of the two administrators, Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan declined to comment.

Former Superintendent Richard Como retired on Aug. 29, issuing a public statement that said after 42 years in education, about half of them in Coatesville, “the timing is right.” His resignation became effective four days later. Assistant Superintendent Angelo Romaniello Jr. has assumed Como’s duties on a temporary basis while the board conducts a nationwide search for a new superintendent, a district news release said.

Asked about both Como and Donato, school board solicitor James Ellison repeatedly said, “I can’t comment on personnel issues.” He said the board released Como’s resignation letter only because Como authorized its release. “We didn’t analyze the truthfulness of his claims,” Ellison said in response to suggestions that members of the public did, fueling speculation. “There are always rumors; that’s just the cost of doing business,” he said.

Ellison said the search for Como’s replacement would begin shortly.

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48 Comments on "Second administrator exits Coatesville schools"

2 years 2 months ago

Hey CJ! I bet you feel pretty silly now that we know about the texts…

2 years 2 months ago

Meeting at the 9/10 center tonight … they tried to sneak one in

2 years 2 months ago

Another reminder of poor decisions by school administrators was three years ago when a convicted felony (Victor Ford) was hired as an aide and later arrested for the sexual assault of a female juvenile. Way to go guys.

2 years 2 months ago

Why does Coatesville never seem to improve. There is plenty of tax money to go around. There are certain people who prey on a tough situation. The corrupt police dept. who use their position to take advantage of easy money and always seem to look the other way as things get worse. Then there is the school district. Again there is plenty of tax money. Too much probably. It has been my experience that there is an abundance of people who have no problem taking someone elses money in the name of doing good. These people seem to thrive while the rest of us struggle paying bills. It is this way always. There is the Comos with their nepotism and cronyism who have so much power that they resemble the mafia. To really find out how corrupt this administration is they need a grand jury. They need to talk to the good teachers. The ones who always got the tough dutys. The ones who still care. Not the ones who skated by because they knew Como , Fisher, or the other capos @Casd. One last thing. It is a special POS who takes advantage of a situation with soooo many at risk kids. One more thing. This resignation is an attempt by these crooks to save their pension.


Whistle Blower
2 years 2 months ago

Funny how only every few years the public gets upset. Ever go to a board meeting and see wharlt is happening. There have been issues for years.