Kichline elected County Commissioners’ Chair

Cozzone re-elected as Vice-Chair

Michelle Kichline

WEST CHESTER — Chester County Commissioner Michelle Kichline was elected Chair of the Commissioners during Thursday morning’s Board of Commissioners organizational meeting. It is her first time to serve as Chair.

Commissioner Kathi Cozzone was re-elected Vice Chair.

This election marks the first all-female County Commissioners leadership in Chester County’s history. Commissioner Cozzone nominated Commissioner Kichline as Chairman, and Commissioner Terence Farrell, outgoing Chair, nominated Commissioner Cozzone as Vice Chair. The votes of the three-member board were unanimous.

Kichline, a Republican, was sworn in as Commissioner in December 2014 following an appointment by the judiciary of the Court of Common Pleas of Chester County to replace Ryan Costello, who was elected to serve in Congress. She was elected to her own term as Chester County Commissioner in November 2015.

“It is a great honor to serve as Chair and I thank Kathi and Terence for their confidence in my leadership,” Kichline said in a statement. “Together we will continue the collaborative work that allows us to govern effectively and that sets the high standard of services and programs for the taxpayers and families of Chester County.”

All three members of the board say they expect to continue their good working relationship.

“This Board will continue to work with a purpose to protect our vulnerable populations, to balance growth and preservation, and to keep our citizens healthy and safe,” said Cozzone, the board’s lone Democrat. “I look forward to continuing to work alongside Michelle and Terence as Vice-Chair of the Board.

Farrell noted that the good working relationship allows the three to focus on issues and needs in the county.

“It has been my pleasure to serve with Michelle and Kathi over the past few years,” Farrell said. “The mutual respect that we have as Commissioners allows us to continue our focus on the best interests of our 500,000-plus residents, which is achieved through exceptional service, innovation, transparency and accountability.”

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