Arrest made in S. Coatesville murder

Dominic “Buddha” Poulson

Police and county detectives said Wednesday that they have made an arrest in a 2017 South Coatesville murder case — an incident where a dispute outside of The Malibu Club turned deadly.

The Chester County District Attorney’s Office and South Coatesville Police Department announced the arrest of Dominic “Buddha” Poulson for the murder of Victor Wilson on Saturday, Sept 30, 2017.

Poulson, 28, has a last known address in Edwardsville, Pennsylvania, but authorities said immediately prior to the murder the defendant was spotted multiple times in Coatesville. Poulson is a reputed associate with the “Cut Throat Family,” a criminal organization that is active in Philadelphia, Coatesville, and other areas in the region.

“This is a case where a shoving match turned into a cold-blooded murder,” District Attorney Tom Hogan said in a statement. “The victim, a hard-working guy who was just celebrating a promotion, was gunned down because an out-of-town criminal felt disrespected. We have a simple message for the rest of the Cut Throat Family crew: We know who you are and you should stay out of Chester County.”

The arrest came after more than three months of investigation.

 “Our police officers worked diligently with the Chester County Detectives to solve this case,” South Coatesville Police Chief Kevin Pierce said. “The law­ abiding citizens of South Coatesville will not allow this type of violence in our borough.”

According to investigators, Poulson was attending a party at the Malibu Club, 602 South 1st Avenue, South Coatesville on the night of the incident. Authorities say he  had a gun with him, which he was not licensed to carry. The party was well-attended. A little after 2:00 a.m., the victim, Victor Wilson, arrived at the party.

Investigators said when Wilson arrived, Poulson started to argue with him at the entrance to the Malibu Club. The altercation then became physical, with Wilson allegedly pushing Poulson to the ground at one point. Witnesses reported that the pair started to walk outside the club for a fist-fight, a “fair one” in the language of the streets.

However, investigators said, Poulson then pulled out the gun he was carrying and shot Wilson multiple times. He fell to the street. Poulson allegedly stood over Wilson’s body and shot him again and again. Authorities said Poulson fled immediately after the shooting.

Wilson was declared dead at the scene. A later autopsy revealed that he had been shot five times, including shots to the head and torso.

Poulson was identified by multiple witnesses, investigators said. He has a distinctive tattoo on his forehead, making identification easier. Poulson is known to associate with the Cut Throat Family. He has “CTF” tattoos on his neck and along the side of his face, which stands for Cut Throat Family. The police also recovered a Cut Throat Family sweatshirt from the area where the defendant fled after the murder.

The defendant has been charged  with first degree  murder and related offenses. There is no bail for first degree murder cases. The defendant has been in custody since shortly after the murder.

Anybody with information about this case should contact Chester County Detective Keith Cowdright at (610) 3446866. The assigned prosecutor is Deputy District Attorney Carlos Barraza.

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