Don’t Retire, ReFire: ‘Spring’ into Spring

By Gail Supplee Tatum, Columnist, The Times

Although Spring will not officially begin for another two weeks, we can now see the light at the end of the “winter tunnel!”  The days are getting longer. The birds are chirping louder and I even saw some growth popping out of the ground!  It’s great to think about these things, in anticipation, particularly since, as I’m writing, it’s snowing!

Have YOU noticed the longer days, the birds chirping and life popping out of the ground?  For me, Spring is the most amazing season.  Nature’s life that appears to be dead, to the naked eye, only lays dormant, until it begins to reveal itself once more, in such grandeur. It’s a rebirth of all that sleeps.  Have you noticed that before the green leaves appear, we are blessed with a big “Hello, we’ve awakened”, through the amazing, colorful, aromatic flowers?  No other season presents itself in such a grandiose way more than Spring.

Spring can often bring us back to life, as well.  Some of us get the winter doldrums and feel melancholy. Some don’t like to go out because it’s cold, so instead, they hibernate and eat and binge watch TV. Others feel like it’s bedtime at 7 PM because it’s already been dark for two hours. I have fallen into all of those categories through the many seasons in my life.

This winter, I chose to do something different.  It was different because I did something different. I signed up for a personal development course that started in December.  I was hesitant, at first, thinking about driving into Philadelphia in bad weather, but I decided not to wine about it and just do it!  I also started a new workout program, in the second week of 2018.  The clear difference between waiting out the winter and taking initiative to do something is consistency.  The bonus to doing something scheduled and consistent is that before you know it, that class or that program will be nearing an end and so will the winter, plus, you will have gained personal power, in mind, body and soul.  Another bonus is that with the number of weeks the class or program is, it has become a part of your routine, which means, the likelihood of it continuing and becoming a habit is favorable.

Although this winter is almost over, the following three suggestions can be applied at any point and time throughout the year, in order to pull you out of the dark and into the light of life.

  1. Prepare your body, inside and outside. We often put too much emphasis on the exterior, when, in fact, it is how we treat our insides, by what we take in, that really impacts how we look and feel on the outside.  It is that consistency that lasts for a lifetime.  A “quick fix” diet only makes a temporary change and would be unhealthy to continue in the long run.  Making good food choices plus meal prep is the best way to stay on track.
  2. Prepare your living space. Make sure there is plenty of light. During the day, have the shades opened to let the natural light in and at night, turn on your lights to create the brightness of daytime. Find decorative pillows or throws, in your favorite color, to accent your décor.  If you like flowers, place them on your table. Think about what perks you up and surround yourself with those things, like music, good books, a blank piece of paper to write a story or a letter, to name a few.  Using whatever resources you have, to create something that will give you joy and a sense of accomplishment.
  3. Make Plans. Thinking ahead and planning a vacation or a visit with someone who doesn’t live close by can really pumped you up.  Talk about it to family, friends and co-workers, which will make it more real.  It is said that once you make the commitment, you’re already there in your mind.  On a more budget-friendly note, you could plan a meal with a friend you haven’t seen in a while or sign up for a workout class.  The idea is that planning is all part of the fun and excitement that can brighten your day, week, month or year leading up to it!

If you need a push to get out of “same old, same old”, then do something different.  If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.  Thomas Jefferson.  Change and daring to do different could be the shift you’ve been looking for to go from good to great!

Awaken, bloom colorfully and welcome Spring with aliveness.

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