Work2Gether celebrates first anniversary


DOWNINGTOWN — Last year Nick and Melinda Winkler’s dream was to build a community by operating a successful enterprise where remote workers and business owners could work, network and socialize.

Earlier this month Work2gether celebrated its first anniversary by hosting a party at its location at 107 East Lancaster Avenue, Downingtown. The success of the initial year is being marked by an expansion.

“We weren’t convinced anyone would walk through the door when we opened,” Nick said. “The co-working concept originated and thrives in metropolitan areas more than a smaller community like Downingtown. This was not a tried business model. We were one of the first companies to explore such a business in Chester County. Now five operate in the county.”

Clients did walk through the doors of Work2gether in 2017 and within a few months all of the company’s private offices were filled. Dedicated work space in the main first-floor area is near capacity and other business persons and remote workers secure working space on as needed basis.

Work2gether members are from Downingtown and surrounding areas. Within the borough, according to Nick, there is a new group of downtown business owners and his company is fast becoming the professional hub of Downingtown’s business renaissance.

“We have forged a community here and that intangible makes Work2gether successful,” Nick said. “I’ve had members say their business has increased because they do work here and remote workers have said there is now a clear line of separation between their home and work life. Professional relationships have been built along with friendships. Members socialize outside of Work2gether and we all have been patronizing businesses here the borough.”

Because of the demand Work2gether Suites will be opening on November 5 on the second and third floors. The new space will include three new large private offices, complete with kitchen, lounge and multi-purpose meeting room. “We underestimated the need for private offices when we opened last year. Some businesses needed additional privacy beyond what existed in the collaborative first-floor open environment,” Nick said. “We’re putting the finishing touches on the new accommodations. We already have one of the new offices reserved, and we are seeking interested companies for the remaining two.”

Nick explained the genesis of Work2gether. “I was working out of my home with my three children,” he said. “I enjoyed being near my family but it wasn’t a work environment. I also needed to interact with working professionals. I figured if I needed this type of work space so would others in the community. I knew I wasn’t an audience of one.” Nick and his wife Melinda began researching independent working spaces; even touring international facilities. Melinda, who is community manager for Work2gether, said. “Each one was different and has a unique personality. We took ideas from the various workplaces and incorporated them into our model that we think best fits Downingtown.”

Work2gether is a modern industrial co-working space offering flexible and affordable memberships for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking a built-in network of essential business services, amenities and most importantly, people.

Work2gether offers several different plans, including the renting of the offices. The Flex Plans are a pay-as-you-go plan where workspace and conference room can be used as needed. The various options are great for individuals, freelancers and business travelers. Dedicated membership gives a private desk and the member will be in the same spot each day. Dedicated is perfect for remote workers and independent business owners that are looking for everyday use.

All of the company’s options and pricing plans can be found at The company’s address is 107 East Lancaster Avenue, Downingtown. The telephone number is 484-364-3001. Work2gether encourages people to stop by and view the work space.

“It’s been fun,” Nick said of the first year.

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