County transition team appointed by Commissioners

WEST CHESTER — As they enter the sixth week of their term as the Chester County Board of Commissioners, Marian Moskowitz, Josh Maxwell and Michelle Kichline this week formally established a county transition team, with the purpose of taking a fresh look at the way Chester County government does business.

The independent team is led by West Chester University President Dr. Christopher Fiorentino as Chair, and David Thornburgh, President and CEO of the Committee of Seventy, a longstanding nonprofit, nonpartisan advocate for better government in Pennsylvania, as Vice-Chair. The team comprises 28 industry experts and government officials, all  professionals with knowledge of, and leadership in the sectors in which county government serves – health and human services, public safety and the courts, community planning and economic development, and administrative services.  The two main goals set for the team are to improve the quality of the workplace for County employees, and to enhance the services provided to Chester County citizens in efficient and cost-effective ways.

Chester County Commissioners’ Chair Marian Moskowitz said, “We recognize and appreciate the great programs and services and the great people we have working in County government and that is why the transition team is focused on the goals of improving our County workplace and enhancing services to citizens.  It is about exploring and recommending best business practices and ensuring transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility.  We are not asking the team to make any recommendations about personnel.”

The transition team has set a target of 90 days to conduct its review and make recommendations to the Commissioners. Key tasks outlined for the transition team include identifying issues to be addressed, and soliciting input from stakeholders, county departments and county government employees.

County Commissioner Josh Maxwell added, “As Commissioners, our job is to listen, work hard and improve our community by active collaboration, and there’s no better way to start than to bring together the ‘smart minds’ of our transition team.  We’re fortunate to have a team that will bring sound advice, broad experience, and investment in our county’s future to the table.”

County Commissioner Michelle Kichline said, “This transition team is truly independent and will be making its recommendations to us in the coming months.  We appreciate the willingness of Dr. Fiorentino, David Thornburgh and the highly qualified team members, who are volunteering their time to take a fresh look at how Chester County does business. We look forward to hearing and reviewing those recommendations.”

In addition to Dr. Christopher Fiorentino, Chair, and David Thornburgh, Vice-Chair, the members of the transition team representing county government sectors are:


Health and Human Services

Claudia Hellebush                  Retired President and CEO, United Way of Chester County

Lou Beccaria                           Retired CEO, Phoenixville Community Health Foundation

Tamela Luce                           President and CEO, Phoenixville Community Health Foundation

Joe Pyle                                   President, Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation

Bob Madonna                         Managing Partner, retired CEO, Surrey Services for Seniors

Wilbur Wolf                           Senior Partner, Co-Owner, Aquila Strategy and Operations Group


Public Safety/Courts

Adam Thiel                             Fire Commissioner, City of Philadelphia

Tony Camillocci                     Eastern Area Director, PEMA

Scott Bohn                              Retired Police Chief, West Chester Borough

Claire Shubik-Richards          Executive Director, Pennsylvania Prison Society


Planning and Economic Development

Dottie Ives Dewey                  Chair, Geography and Planning, West Chester University

Judy DiFilippo                        Former Chair, Chester County Planning Commission Board

Todd Pride                              Managing Director, The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County

Leo Bagley                             Special Assistant to Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation


Administrative Services and Central Functions

Lauren Lambrugo                   Chief Operations Officer, Public Health Management Corporation

Jeff Osgood                             Deputy Provost, West Chester University

Erin Kennedy-Rogers             Founding Principal, Firebrand Political Strategies

Charmaine Spence Rochester Senior Vice President/CFO, Chester County Hospital

Miguel Alban                          Senior Vice President, Director of Multicultural Banking, Customers Bank

Michael Heaberg                    Managing Director, Axiom Asset Management

Ellen Rinaldi                           Retired Chief Information Security Officer, Vanguard

JT Singh                                  Senior Associate Vice President and CIO, West Chester University

Michael Bray                          Former Principal, Vanguard, Board member, Chester County EDC

Ed Breiner                               Director, Major Drilling, Inc.

Dennis McAndrews                Founder & Managing Partner, McAndrews Law Offices, P.C.

Lisa Norden                            Senior Vice-President Fulfillment Americas at Qurate Retail Group


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