Op/Ed: Time to reject Socialism in America

By Christopher Gerber, Special to The Times

Christopher Gerber

As we look forward to the 2020 presidential election, it appears likely that Americans will be faced with a choice of two very different ideologies:  one that espouses capitalism, self-motivation and ingenuity versus socialism and its empty and destructive promises of free housing, college and healthcare for everyone.

The platform of Bernie Sanders is insane and as un-American as it can get.  The greatness of America arises from her entrepreneurial spirit and freedoms that allow anyone to enjoy success based upon individual achievement and sacrifice.  This nation was not built upon a centralized polity that redistributes private wealth and controls all aspects of our life, which Sanders envisions.

Quite the opposite.

The Founders took great care to avoid this by structuring a republic with strong states’ rights and a limited federal government.   Sanders’ disdain for capitalism may have appeal to those who have little or no net worth; however, his ideas would stifle competition and growth and imperil the very fabric that makes this country great.

Everyone should take a hard look at the gravity of Sanders’ intentions.  Read his website.  He seeks to empower the state beyond any viable candidate before him.  For instance, he wants government to force private employers to require “just cause” before an employee may be terminated.  No state in the union has endorsed this prohibitive rule and overreaching control over private enterprise.  He also wants to impose a “national rent control standard” and ensure “fair housing for all.”

This is all code for a centralized state that would end up controlling all facets of our lives.  This twisted un-American ideology must be flatly rejected.  I especially implore younger voters who may be tempted by promises of free education and debt forgiveness.  I offer this piece of advice:  Work hard.  Work hard.  And work hard.  You and your family will enjoy the fruits of your labor, and you will be proud of yourself.  God bless America, and thank God you enjoy her freedoms that allow us all to pursue happiness without government telling us how to achieve it.

Christopher Gerber, Esquire is a practicing civil rights attorney in Chester Springs

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