3 Chesco legislators embarrass themselves — and us — on anti-abortion bill vote

By Mike McGann, Editor, the Times @mikemcgannpa

Just when you think our “great” legislature can’t get worse, it has a “here, hold my beer” moment.

Such as with HB 118, one of the most ignorant, hateful and useless pieces of legislation ever passed by any political body in history. Yes, it will be vetoed and purged by Gov. Tom Wolf. 

But it should never have been introduced. It should never have passed. And the fact that three Chester County legislators voted for this hateful monstrosity is embarrassing.

In a move to go ever deeper into anti-Abortion crazy land, HB 118 puts all kinds of requirements — some literally impossible — on the loss of a pregnancy and disposal of embryonic remains.

Yes. Embryonic remains. In some cases, zygotic remains.

As it is deeply apparent that State Reps. Craig Williams (R-160), John Lawrence (R-13) and Tim Hennessey (R-26) both failed high school biology and in having any modicum of basic human decency.

I have a pretty good understanding of human reproduction: my twins (now 20) were the product of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Were HB 118 to become the law of the commonwealth, a couple who went through the exact same process could now be subject to criminal prosecution. 

We implanted three fertilized eggs (out of five created — one was non viable and failed, one was kept in frozen storage as a back up option if the first procedure failed). Two took hold. The third did not and it would have been literally impossible to find, as it was likely absorbed by my wife’s body, being essentially a single-cell zygote.

The fourth egg we ultimately donated for scientific research.

Under HB 118, we would be two-time felons, facing prison.

I would like, in writing, from Williams, Lawrence and Hennessey, exactly how we could have complied — how could we have found that unimplanted zygote and “disposed” of it. 

I’ll wait.

Actually, I’ll wait until the end of time because there is no way. These folks are either so ignorant of basic science or such pandering stooges that they don’t care.

How many of you would face this? And consider the poor folks who go through multiple rounds of IVF, only to live with the heartbreak of failure. And now, on top of all this, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania wants to make them criminals if they don’t somehow manage to do the impossible.

And what about the tragic loss of a pregnancy through no fault of anyone — just a miscarriage? Why would anyone want to torture someone going through that?

It’s all performance art, mind you, intended to jazz up the ignorant and hateful — basically page 1 of 1 of the GOP guidebook: get people to hate things so they don’t notice you’re not doing your job, but are still taking gobs of cash from special interests.

HB 118 was a priority over fixing roads, educating students and keeping us safe: literally the only three responsibilities of the state legislature.

It’s clear that Williams, Lawrence and Hennessey do not belong in public life and should resign. They won’t — they’ll call me a socialist (or Godless Communist or some crap like that because they can’t argue on non-existent facts) and keep not doing their jobs.

While it is clear that parts of the commonwealth are chock full of the ignorant and those politicians pandering to them — it comes down to the grift — Chester County should be better than that. For generations, this county sent moderate Republicans for the most part to Harrisburg. Sober, serious people — many of whom I did not agree with but still could respect. 

Now with the Republican Party becoming a haven for Clown College rejects, they cannot be taken seriously.


Some proof that Chester County is worthy of smarter, better and more serious representation: we are the number one county in Pennsylvania in terms of COVID-19 vaccinations. As of this writing, more than 92% of the 18+ population has had at least one shot — and that does not count those folks, like college students, who may have gotten their shots out of state.

We wore masks. We were careful and followed the science. We got the shots.

The result: the virus is dying out in our county.

In general, COVID is losing ground in the entire southeast of Pennsylvania, but here in Chester County it is on the verge of extinction. 

This is a tribute to the people of Chester County.

Keep in mind, there are counties within the commonwealth not doing as well — a few have seen upticks in new cases — coincidentally, a lot of the same places with local and legislative leaders who demanded a reopening, told people not to wear masks and cast doubt (or just made up wacky, false claims) about the vaccine.

You should be proud, but remain vigilant. Until the virus is wiped out everywhere, it will continue to be a threat.

But here in Chester County, we’re going to have a great summer. Enjoy it, you’ve earned it.

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