Friendship Elementary 2nd-graders learn spirit of giving

Teachers Emily Vogt (top row from left), Megan McConaghy, and Nadine Borton show off the blankets with some of their creators: Yair Millan-Flores (bottom, from left), Ariyanah Alford, Darla Copeland, Adrian Romero, Russell Boyle, and Hailey Helton.

Thanksgiving lesson generates blankets for Hurricane Sandy victims

A  two-day Thanksgiving lesson evolved into an outreach project for Hurricane Sandy victims in second-grade classes at Friendship Elementary School.

Among a host of activities, including a class Venn diagram of the similarities and differences between the Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving and the one the students celebrate with their family, the students brainstormed about what they were thankful for and lamented the losses suffered recently by others, school district officials said.

That exercise segued into the creation of fleece blankets to donate the Red Cross, school district officials said. The students cut and tied strips of fleece into knots to complete the blankets. The lesson also tied into their social studies curriculum about communities and how people live and work together.



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