Local store ‘Our Dot Art’ invites artists and art lovers to its Grand Opening on October 7

Our Dot Art owner Shane Cloyd

Amidst the creative pulse of our community, an exciting venture is about to launch. Our Dot Art 156 — located at Lincoln Hwy E, Coatesville, PA 19320 — is unveiling a fresh platform for art that promises to be the talk of the town.

Mark your calendars! On Saturday, October 7, Our Dot Art will open its doors to the public from noon to 7pm. Conveniently, this artistic hub will continue to greet patrons during these hours from Tuesday through Saturday each week.

But that’s not all. Adding a splash of innovation to its offering, the store is introducing “Dot Art”, a contemporary product that allows customers to design personalized art of any size. A first in the town, local customers can design and purchase their unique Dot Art creations right in the store. And for those eager to explore more, the store’s website, www.ourdotart.com, will soon be live, showcasing a plethora of artful wonders.

Along with its captivating artistic offerings, Our Dot Art stands as a beacon for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education. Beyond just retailing a curated selection of innovative STEAM toys that inspire creativity and intellect, the store is deeply invested in our community’s future. Partnering with local educational leaders, Our Dot Art will launch programs aimed at training young minds, empowering them with hands-on STEAM experiences. By fusing art with technology, the store aims to nurture the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and artists in our midst to help close the widening gentrification gap.

Our Dot Art is also championing the spirit of community collaboration. Through the “Art on Our Walls” initiative, local artists can rent wall space to display and sell their artwork. The brilliance of this program lies in its simplicity: artists keep every penny from their sales with no commission for Our Dot Art. With rental spaces at a mere $10-30 a month, the store ensures accessibility for all artists.

“Our walls are designed to narrate stories,” the store owner, Shane Cloyd, shared with a glint of excitement. “By intertwining the rich legacy of local art with modern Dot Art designs, we aim to create a dynamic space for both artists and art aficionados.”

Artists interested in this unique opportunity are encouraged to email info@ourdotart.com. For the broader community, whether you’re an art connoisseur, an artist, or someone keen on exploring the local art scene, Our Dot Art beckons you with open arms.

Shane Cloyd, the visionary behind Our Dot Art, is a testament to the power of resilience and seizing opportunities. Growing up underprivileged, Shane’s journey began with leaving his Kentucky home to attend Milton Hershey School. His drive to excel saw him attain both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Lehigh University, culminating with an MBA from Drexel University. Shane has worked for several top companies, such as Ernst & Young, Lockheed Martin, ICG Commerce (now Accenture), and United Technologies. Shane is currently a Principal Engineer for Penske Logistics. Though life presented its challenges, Shane embraced every chance that came his way, transforming them into stepping stones. Today, with the establishment of Our Dot Art, he’s translating his gratitude into action, channeling his successes to create opportunities for others, embodying the ethos of giving back to the community.

Let’s celebrate creativity and community spirit as they converge in this exciting new space. Dive into a world where tradition meets modernity, and art finds its home at Our Dot Art.

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