Sheriff’s Office leads Warm Up For Winter effort

Representatives from the Chester County Sheriff’s Office, WSFS and the Westtown-Goshen Rotary Club provide funds for winter heat for Thistle Hills.

Continuing a call for assistance for and protection of women, the Chester County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) led an early holiday project for Thistle Hills: Warm Up for Winter. Joined by WSFS and the Westtown-Goshen Rotary Club, members of the CCSO provided donations for the basic need of heat at Thistle Hills. It is the county’s only residential program specifically designated for women survivors of human trafficking.

“Transformation from exploitation and trauma to self-sufficiency in freedom is a long process,” says the Rev. Sherry Deets, founder of Thistle Hills. “It takes time to recover physically, psychologically and spiritually. The path to survivors’ security, homes and jobs begins with the most fundamental services and fulfilled needs, including safe shelter with lights and heat. So we are very grateful to these donors.”

The project raised more than $2,000 for nonprofit Thistle Hills. To add a donation, please visit

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