Coatesville gets $959K grant to implement Ash Park Master Plan

Ash Park. Courtesy, City of Coatesville.

The City of Coatesville will receive a grant of $959,752 to implement the Ash Park Master Plan Phases I and II. The 9.3-acre park is situated between Walnut and Kersey Streets and serves residents over a three-mile radius.

Senator Casey, partnering with Representative Chrissy Houlahan, successfully funded 14 Community Project Funding priorities through the House Appropriations Committee. The Appropriations package was signed into law on March 9 by President Biden. The purpose of the Community Project Funding grant program is to enable Members of Congress to allocate available federal funds to worthy, local projects in a timely manner.

The funding will support Phases I and II of Ash Park improvements, of which the design phase is currently underway. Renovations and improvements will include expanded play and recreation areas, a misting station, new landscaping, and stormwater infrastructure.

“We are thrilled to have received funding grants for both phases of this important project,” said Roberta Cosentino, Coatesville Assistant City Manager. “The Community Project Funding grant enables us to move forward with a reliable source of funding to implement Phase II in the manner it was intended. The park will soon serve as a lively centerpiece of our community and especially support our youth.”

The City collaborated with the Greening Coatesville Initiative, Natural Lands, and The Alliance for Health Equity to create the 2022 Master Plan to rehabilitate the park which included input from residents.

“We extend sincere thanks to Representative Chrissy Houlahan and Senator Bob Casey and their teams, our elected officials, and special thanks to our grant consultant Coleen Terry, owner of ECON partners,” says Cosentino.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to receive this impactful funding for the City of Coatesville, its residents and business owners, through Senator Casey’s and Congresswoman Houlahan’s continued leadership and advocacy,” said Coleen Terry, President, ECON partners, inc.

Community Project Funding grants are selected through a congressionally directed application process. Grants provide investment in a wide variety of projects such as housing, workforce training, parks, infrastructure and more.

“I am elated that we secured over $11.7 million to fund 14 community-focused projects in our district. Our community will benefit from stronger infrastructure, enhanced workforce opportunities, modernized resources for first responders, and more,”  Houlahan said. “With the help of our board of nonpartisan local leaders, I was glad to see Ash Park selected as one of the projects. Ash Park will positively impact our community and provide a better place of recreation and congregation for the people of Coatesville. I look forward to seeing this project make a real, tangible difference in the lives of residents of Coatesville and the surrounding area.”

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