CCIU Practical Nursing Program paves path to rewarding LPN careers

CCIU PNP students learning from their instructor in a hands-on lab session, gaining practical experience through guided training to develop the skills needed for delivering exceptional patient care.

For those passionate about making a difference in others’ lives through a rewarding healthcare career, the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) Practical Nursing Program (PNP) provides a direct pathway to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). With a focus on comprehensive training and hands-on experience, this post-secondary program prepares students to become LPNs and pass the NCLEX-PN so that they can secure a nursing career.

“I chose the CCIU program because I had been trying to become a nurse for five years, and after getting waitlisted twice I didn’t know what to do. A few of my friends completed the CCIU’s Practical Nursing Program and highly recommended it,” said current PNP student Kelsey Macedo. “The instructors helped me build confidence in myself and the future I could make for myself, my family, and those I treat. They helped foster the love I have for caring for people and seeing my community flourish.”

The CCIU PNP’s exceptional track record speaks for itself. The graduating class from November 2023 had a 92.8% NCLEX-PN pass rate on the first attempt and the March 2024 graduating class had a 88.8% NCLEX-PN pass rate on the first attempt. This performance builds on the program’s placement as one of the best nursing schools in Pennsylvania by the Nursing Schools Almanac for two consecutive years.
“I would recommend this program to those seeking a supportive and nurturing environment to develop their nursing skills. The CCIU PNP instructors are there to help you help others, and to help hold nursing to the standard of compassion and open-mindedness it deserves,” shared Macedo.
PNP Director BethAnn Puckett attributes the program’s success to the dedicated faculty. “Our program offers great staff-to-student ratios and provides each student with the attention needed to be successful. We offer a variety of clinical rotations that help students gain vast experiences and prepare them for the nursing career world.”
Kimberly Burno, another current PNP student, echoed this sentiment and stated, “The instructors at the CCIU PNP have been amazing. They always make it very clear that they are here to help in any way possible and do their best to keep an open line of communication with each student.”
During the course of the program, PNP students study topics such as maternity, mental health, medical-surgical nursing, pediatrics, gerontology, and rehabilitation. They also learn communication skills, professional ethical standards, and the importance of working together as a team. By the end of the program, students will have completed 741 hours of clinical and lab experience and can do so in as little as 15 months.
“I would recommend this program to anyone looking to start a career in nursing as I feel the classroom and clinical experience goes above and beyond preparing you for the NCLEX and your first job as an LPN,” said Burno. “While no school can prepare you completely, I feel that the CCIU PNP works endlessly at trying to ensure you get the most out of the program.”
The CCIU PNP is currently enrolling for its next full-time cohort beginning August 26, 2024, at the Downingtown campus. To learn more about the CCIU PNP or to apply, call 484-593-5950 or visit
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