Odds of major snowstorm blanketing Chesco 50-50

SnowflakeC1511_M_150_C_RIf you’re one to watch local TV, you might be under the impression that the Chester County area is going to be blanketed by a massive snowstorm this weekend — but that my not be the case.

While some forecasts have called for as much a foot or more falling on the local area Friday night through Saturday, there is an equal chance of the storm amounting to little or even nothing. While local county and municipal emergency management groups are preparing for the worst, it’s no lock that we will be buried this weekend.

Yes, there is a good possibility of that happening. But, and this is the info that doesn’t drive massive 11 p.m. news ratings, we may also see little or no snow, and even just rain, depending on a number of variables.

The various computer models don’t agree — and a changeover to rain depending on how temperatures range could make all of the difference — according to the National Weather Service, which unlike other outlets has not put out an official estimate of how much snow is likely because of the unreliability of such forecasts more than 72 hours before the event. The ultimate storm track could also push the system out to sea, as well, or pull it more inland, either of which would have a major impact on snowfall.

That having been said, right now the NWS does say that the models show the largest potential for snowfall north and west of Philadelphia — which includes Chester County.

The odds of a major snowfall appear — as of Tuesday morning — to be about 50-50.

Better, more reliable forecasts should appear Wednesday. As always, of course, caution is always advised by local authorities, and the usual pre-storm checklist (making sure food and heating supplies are in good order prior to the weekend) is a sensible step for all to take.

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