Police identify the man struck, killed by a train

Amtrak investigators ruled the death of a 57-year-old Coatesville resident accidental

By Kathleen Brady SheaManaging Editor, The Times

Coatesville police today identified the man struck and killed on Friday at 4:22 p.m. by an Amtrak train.

Officers from Coatesville assisted Amtrak police with the investigation into the death of Thurman Perkins III, 57, of Coatesville, who was fatally struck by a train in the area of the Coatesville Train Station and the high bridge, a press release said.

Officers who arrived at the scene came into contact with a visibly distraught female who was with Perkins when he was killed near Second and Fleetwood Streets. Police said Perkins suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries.

The woman, who was not identified, was transported to Paoli Hospital for  injuries she sustained, the release said. Police said she was released from the hospital Friday evening.

Amtrak police have ruled the death accidental, the release said. Police said interviews with the female witness helped reach that conclusion.  A toxicology report, which is routine for every autopsy conducted by the Chester County Coroner’s Office, is expected to be completed within four to six weeks, an office spokesman said.

An Amtrak spokeswoman said the train, part of the Keystone service that runs from Harrisburg to New York,  was carrying about 150 passengers who were eventually transferred to another train.

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  1. Rebecca Milley says:

    This is for Kathleen,

    I guess I saw something that was not. I cannot put any energy into this
    Story. Man at the tracks that was not killed by the train. If you find out anything you can let me know.

  2. Rebecca Milley says:

    Now we know who was hit by the train, why has no one investigated the young black man that was laying on the edge of the tracks closest to Coatesville. No one was attending him, walking around him as if he was not there. I know what I saw. Our train on the way back to Lancaster had to slow down for a half mile. This young man was face down as if he had been shot. Why are the police force not talking about this body. Is someone at the Coatesville Times trying to find out the truth? Or is this just a figment of imagination.

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