Fundraising starts to reopen Ash Park pool

COATESVILLE — Realizing the value and importance that the Ash Park pool has in Coatesville and to families in the city, recently formed non-profit, Movement Community Development Corporation (MCDC), has started organizing to reopen the pool. The all-volunteer board, wrote and passed a resolution establishing the goal of developing a plan to reopen the Ash Park Pool, centrally located in the city. The resolution calls for a plan to be developed that has 3-years of operating funding in place and requires the reopening to be cost neutral to the city of Coatesville.

Board Founder, Alphonso Newsuan said, “I am proud that the Coatesville community is coming together to improve the city we all love. City Council passed our resolution of support unanimously, we humbly take the charge of mapping out a path to a safe, reliable pool for Coatesville families to enjoy.”

While Coatesville continues to work towards its resurgence, the community has a volunteer spirit unique to Chester County. Armed with 83 churches within 1.3 square miles, volunteers are working every day to ensure the city has a unique blend of culture, recreation, and community.

Board Member and Coatesville native, Minister Rob Marshall added, “Faith-based organizations play an important part in providing opportunities for families to nurture and thrive. I look forward to finding ways that our church community can unite in making our shared community that much better.”

“The residents of Coatesville are as dedicated and passionate about their community as anywhere in the region. It’s a special community to be a member of. I look forward to watching this pool reopen and new projects be undertaken by these inspiring volunteers. “- Mayor Josh Maxwell

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