Maxwell announces run for 74th seat

Josh Maxwell

Josh Maxwell of Downingtown announced Thursday that he will seek election as the State Representative for Pennsylvania’s 74th district.

Maxwell, who serves as Mayor of Downingtown, has run previously for the position, losing to State Rep. Harry Lewis Jr., who announced his plan to retire late last year.

“I believe in our community and that we can accomplish great things by working together,” Maxwell said in a statement. “I intend to take our small-town kind of commitment to community-building and active, meaningful progress to a higher level. In bringing in jobs, supporting local businesses both new and longstanding, and creating a community where people are excited to raise a family, I am very proud of the work we have done in Downingtown, and now more than ever, we need elected officials in higher office who reflect our values of hard work, responsible governance, and respect for the dignity of all people.  I am running for State Representative to bring passion, a proven capacity to deliver real results, and the fortitude to stand up for what’s right and get legislation passed that empowers every citizen in our area.”

Maxwell said he plans to continue his work in the local community — and live in his home town of Downingtown.

“I will continue to live, work, and start my family in Downingtown, and continue to help build Downingtown towards even more progress,” he said. “After 9 years of serving the Downingtown community, I want to extend my public service to my neighbors throughout the 74th district.  Communities like Downingtown, Parkesburg and Coatesville need a new train station. Places like East Fallowfield and Sadsbury need to ensure their open space will be protected. Communities like South Coatesville, Modena, Parkesburg, Valley Township and Coatesville need continued economic development. Communities like Caln Township, East Caln and Downingtown need legislative support that brings meaningful progress instead of empty rhetoric.”

Maxwell his time in public service and experience in government makes him the best candidate.

“I know what leadership can accomplish when we all rise together,” Maxwell said. “I believe in our community, and I will be a tireless advocate for every one of our citizens as a member of the state legislature.”

At the Chester County Democratic Committee Convention on Tuesday, Maxwell received over 50% of the endorsement vote of the 74th district’s Democratic committee people — no endorsement was made, though.

Maxwell has been elected three times as Downingtown’s Mayor beginning in 2009, winning reelection in 2013 and 2017 with over 60% of the vote each time. He works to be an outspoken ally for women and survivors of gender-based violence, starting a coalition to end sexual and domestic violence in our communities and hosting a 5K charity race last year to raise money for local women-focused non-profits. 

Economically, Downingtown has seen over $200 million committed in public and private investment during Mayor Maxwell’s tenure, creating 10 years of jobs and increasing the value of the town by 6%. Additionally, Downingtown has not raised its borough taxes in five years.

“This past year has seen an unprecedented level of civic engagement at the local and state level,” he said. “As a community, I want us to keep that momentum going. Now more than ever, we need progressive voices in state office. As Mayor, I’ve been proud to be available to all Downingtown residents around the clock, whether it’s by phone, social media, or just talking on the street. And as State Representative, I want to continue to promote that kind of neighborly, personal, dedicated public service in Harrisburg.”

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