Endorsement: Cozzone for Democratic nominee for Lt. Gov.

Kathi Cozzone

The race for Lt. Governor, a post some might suggest is unneeded (we note that neighboring New Jersey added the post after a couple of governors were forced to leave office early and the transition from senate president to the governor’s mansion didn’t go as well as hoped), has been busy and seen candidates come and go in the Democratic primary race.

The one constant has been Chester County’s Kathi Cozzone.

As a County Commissioner, she has worked tirelessly for the people of the county and managed a strong, professional relationship with her colleagues across the aisle to make sure that the county’s business moved ahead without political gridlock — and without sacrificing her priniciples.

That skill set — as well as her enduring grace and honesty — would serve all citizens of the commonwealth well in Harrisburg. Cozzone exhibits a basic decency, an authenticity that other candidates in the race cannot compete with.

We think she would be an exceptional partner for Gov. Tom Wolf, should he win reelection in the fall, continuing her efforts for bipartisan consensus, thoughtful policy insights and just her sheer decency.

Additionally, should she be called on to lead the commonwealth, she would exhibit the common sense, ethics and competence we’ve seen over the last decade in Chester County.

For the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor, we can think of no better choice than Kathi Cozzone.

The Times endorses Kathi Cozzone for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor.

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