Letter: mad about voter ID? Show it.

To the editor,

On Election Day, Tuesday, remember that the Republicans in Harrisburg and Rep. Tim Hennessey brought you that horrible Voter ID law.

Thankfully, a court ruling has delayed the law’s implementation, so you will NOT be required to show photo identification prior to casting a vote in this historic election. Forgive yourself if you are confused. A lot of people are.

For starters, you will still be asked – but not required – to show ID prior to voting on Nov. 6.

Judge Robert Simpson ruled in October that the law can wait until next year. But unclear, ambiguous advertisements from the Pennsylvania Department of State continued. In Chester County, committee people complained that volunteers for Republican candidates were still dropping literature that said ID was required.

Mad yet?

My opponent in Tuesday’s election, state Rep. Tim Hennessey, voted for the Voter ID law. I do not support it.

The law should have never been enacted. It was an obvious attempt to suppress turnout from people who are likely to re-elect President Obama. I agree 100 percent with the injunction because in an American democracy, we cannot afford to turn ONE person away from the polls who could not secure an adequate photo ID in time. From Day One, this Republican law was a horrible solution to a problem that did not exist.
A nationwide analysis by professional journalists revealed that over the course of a dozen years, exactly 10 cases of alleged in-person election fraud occurred. That’s one for every 15 million prospective voters.  We have much larger issues to deal with in Pennsylvania. Let’s not add disenfranchisement to the list.

If you are mad about all of this, vote Hennessey and the Republicans out.


Mike Hays

Spring City

Mike Hays is a Democratic candidate for the 26th District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, which includes Spring City, East Vincent, East Coventry, North Coventry, Warwick, Wallace, East Nantmeal, West Nantmeal, Elverson, Honey Brook Township, Honey Brook Borough, Coatesville, Valley, and West Caln.

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