Letter: Hennessey against women’s health

To The Editor,

If you are a woman or care about women’s rights, regardless of your party affiliation, consider what Rep. Tim Hennessey has done to eliminate those rights.

He voted IN FAVOR of Senate Bill 732 and House Bill 574 which could cause the closure of all freestanding abortion clinics in PA.
He co-sponsored House Bill 1077 a.k.a the mandatory ultrasound bill.

He voted IN FAVOR of House Bill 1977 which would eliminate insurance coverage for abortions.

Rep. Hennessey does not trust his female constituents with making decisions regarding their own bodies! He also wants to make sure that women are denied access to places like Planned Parenthood, despite the fact that they provide crucial, low-cost women’s health services like mammograms, STD testing, pregnancy tests and access to and information regarding various types of contraceptives. And in case the decision to have an abortion isn’t already difficult enough, he wants women to pay more money to have them by eliminating insurance coverage for the procedure, even if it is deemed medically necessary! So he would rather have women die if they can’t pay for an abortion out-of-pocket?

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but just his voting record on abortion related issues alone is enough to make me vote for Michael D. Hays for PA House of Representatives, District 26. Mike Hays supports women having the right to choose, and has appeared at rallies by the Women’s Rights Coalition of Chester County and Planned Parenthood’s Women are Watching.

Erica Redahan Weiherer
Spring City

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