Coatesville promotes four police officers, boosts force

City Hall packed as four raised in rank, eight more hired at City Council meeting

By Kyle Carrozza, Staff Writer, The Times

Lt. James R. Audette, Sgt. Roger H. Ollis, Jr., Corp. Brenden M. Boyle, and Corp. Jonathan A. Shave stand in front of friends and family after taking their oaths of office.

Lt. James R. Audette, Sgt. Roger H. Ollis, Jr., Cpl. Brenden M. Boyle, and Cpl. Jonathan A. Shave stand in front of friends and family after taking their oaths of office.

COATESVILLE – The Coatesville Police Department promoted four police officers at the City Council meeting Monday night.

Family and friends packed city hall to show their support for James R. Audette who was promoted to lieutenant, Roger H. Ollis, Jr., who was promoted to sergeant, and Brenden M. Boyle and Jonathan A. Shave, who were promoted to corporal.

“You manage things—inventory, parts, military supplies—but you lead people,” Chief John W. Laufer, III said, echoing the words of General Norman Schwarzkopf.

Sworn into office by District Justice Gregory Hines, the officers recited an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect all citizens, regardless of race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.

City Council also selected eight candidates to work as part-time patrol officers, subject to physical and psychological examinations.

Council also decided to defer payments owed to the city by the city’s Redevelopment Authority. The city has loaned about $7 million to the RDA to work on various projects in the area, such as housing, the velodrome project, and the train station. Due to the economic downturn of the past few years, it has not been able to sell properties as expected and therefore has been unable to pay the money back.

The decision was voted on at a meeting last month, with the deferment going unapproved. However, after further examining further ordinances City Council decided that the RDA was an important entity to the revitalization of Coatesville.

“They can act on things that the city can’t, by charter,” said City Council President David Collins. “The city can’t really own property, but the RDA can. The RDA can go out and get competitive bids on various projects, whereas the city can’t.”

Collins said that the RDA can sell or lease properties to businesses to generate income, which will allow them to pay the money back in the future.

“Any property that they sell, the first portion of that money has to come to pay down the debt,” said Collins.

Another step in revitalizing Coatesville was made as city council has decided on a color palette for the downtown area. The palette contains four color schemes that buildings will be allowed to be painted. City Council hopes that the schemes will improve the visual appeal of the area.

Copies of the palette will be made available online and at City Hall in coming weeks.

During the public comment portion of the night, citizens took the opportunity to inquire about two upcoming events for the youth.

On Sunday at noon, the Living the Dream Corvette Club of Harrisburg will present bikes to two Coatesville children. City Council granted permission for the event to take place in front of City Hall.

The bikes will be going to two children of single-parent families that were selected by the club. Council members will be present for the presentation, as well as club members in their Corvettes.

David Colman of the MISFITS Church Ministry inquired about having a movie night for children some time in August. Though Colman originally inquired about holding the event in Gateway Park, City Manager Kirby Hudson suggested Ash Park, as it would be safer for the children as well as drivers who might be distracted by the display.

City Council gave Colman permission to continue planning the event. His ministry will work with Parks and Recreation Commissioner Marie Hess to finalize details for the evening.

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    Congratulations to 4 great men who support the efforts to make our community safe.

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