Letter: Freedom, justice, equality

To The Editor,

Letters1I continue to ask myself this question, why should African-Americans, Latino-Americans, middle-class Americans and poor Americans serve in the United States Armed Services?

I say this because of what the Tea Party, the Conservatives and the Republicans in the U.S. Congress and in some state legislatures are doing to the American people. For example, disenfranchisement in voting, threatening to shut down the government, budget cuts to Social Security, Medicare, education, food stamps, Meals on Wheels, health care benefits, unemployment benefits and other programs that are useful and essential to the livelihood of many American families. Their drive for austerity, like cuts in the military budget harms everyone, especially those in the Armed forces and their families.

Among the things you never hear them discuss are cuts to their own pay, health care and benefits. If they did it would allow them to feel the effect of cuts and how other people have to live with less. But, it would never happen because it is called — greed.

As for me, I am an American first and foremost and would not hide my children or grandchildren from going into the military service. However, this question remains: why should they go to war in other countries and fight for what they themselves don’t have here at home?

Is there anyone out there who can answer that question? (Please don’t tell me to go back to Africa like you used to say.)

Elwood Dixon


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    Elwood, we both know as well as our children that they should not go to war and fight for what they can not get at home, FREEDOM. In the end of the day for most of them it is a CHOICE for those who are not drafted. A CHOICE to feel excepted even in the line of fire. For once they see no difference in race although we know they can be treated differently abroad as well, they still feel enlisting is the better of both evil’s. Look at reality here at home, stay and if your not drafted to play sports in school at NBA? or luck up and get a job earning a decent living, then you fight right here at home. They fight Jim Crow laws, consisting of indecent wages, prison’s Identity theft (any means necessary to confiscate their license) through child support, court fines etc., driving and/or walking while black. in the end of the day which war is greater? I say the one that lets you were a uniform without the chains around your wrist’s, for if they don’t serve there they will become slaves here. Blessings!

  2. John says:

    Elwood, I understand your question perfectly. And I think I have the answer: if the example of Vietnam, with it’s draft system that was difficult, but not impossible to beat, taught the “haves” anything…it was “let’s figure out a way OUR kids won’t have to die in some godforsaken place for some ill-defined reason. And so came the “all-volunteer” service, which made a place for kids with little alternative opportunity to join up and get some advanced education on the tax-payer tab,,,,with the caveat that, when we decide to invade/support or otherwise intervene in another godforsaken place, THOSE kids will go fight and die! Bottom line my friend….if those poor kids or minorities without many other options don’t join up….no more wars with “boots on the ground”!!! But make no mistake…they still will offer no new opportunities for the disenfranchised. That’s the way the money works in this country. The only way to beat it…register to vote and make sure you do!!

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