Letter: Enemies of the people

To the Editor,

Letters1U.S. legislators in opposition to the President of the United States and his effort to help some 30 million Americans achieve the peace of mind to have health care available to them and their families have reached the limits of their audacity.

Eighty Republican Congressmen signed a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representative demanding that he begin the process to shutdown the government. These eighty individuals who are charged with the responsibility to serve and protect the citizens of the United States instead decided to take the stance to take away the livelihood of the citizens.

The opportunity to work at their jobs and support their families is paramount in the minds of every worker in this country while most live from paycheck to paycheck. Any disruption can be devastating. By shutting down the government, these legislators have dealt a mighty blow to the lives some eight hundred thousand Americans and their families that can be said to be equivalent to an attack by some foreign entity. They show no empathy or concern for the people they are supposed to serve. It can be said that they have shown themselves to be enemies of the people rather than servants for the people like they are supposed to be.

This is a sad realization especially when we understand that their primary motive is to desecrate or destroy the legacy of President Obama, pure and simple. They take joy in an increase in the unemployment rate and the number of claims for unemployment benefits. It is truly shameful that the picture of Americans hurting is a picture they enjoy seeing just so they can point their finger at the President. The success of “Obamacare” is a nightmare for them. All this is being done while we, the people, stand helplessly in the middle as victims.

And to think, many of these very legislators have the audacity to recite the words, “God bless America.”

John Robinson, Jr.

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